Be Brilliant

Be amazing at what you do, with passion and ambition. Challenges never stop you from achieving greatness. At FY Group, it is never just a job, you are building your career. With multiple entities under us and locations around the world, there is a role that is perfect for you.

Be Revolutionary

Stay curious, disrupt the status quo and embrace innovation with us. At FY Group, we offer you the autonomy and means to empower individuals with a great idea. We welcome innovative decisions and new ways to shape the future.

Be Global

Respect is fundamental at a global company like us. At FY Group, you are part of an inclusive, diverse and vibrant community of thinkers, crafters and innovators from all backgrounds. You will be given opportunities to connect, collaborate, enrich your knowledge, expand your network and share your passion.

Be Client-Centric

We value our clients in everything we do. From understanding their needs to keeping them front of mind, we strive to exceed their expectations by delivering unforgettable experiences.

Be Human

Be respectful and kind to yourself and the people around you. Trust each other’s intent, resolve problems with empathy, and welcome mistakes as learning opportunities. Act for the greater good of all our stakeholders, even when it’s beyond your area of expertise. Foster positive actions in those around you, and celebrate our shared achievements.

welcome to fy group career

Join FY Group, the exciting multi-channel luxury company whose success springs from the engagement and talent of teams who createbreakthroughs and memorable experiences for our customers every day. With professions that span our entire value chain — fromsourcing to retailing across multiple channels — FY Group offers a range of career opportunities.

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